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Community Pharmacy- Orange County

Sassan Haghverdi, Community Pharmacy- Orange County

Hello Tom,

It was great! We like to thank you for your guidance in helping us sell our pharmacy. We really appreciate your professionalism and always positive and cheerful demeanor. This was our first time selling a business. With your suggestions and advertisements, we were able to find a few buyers, and consummate the sale with one of them. Your continuous communication with us was very helpful to answers and inquiries that would come up. It was very comforting that we could reach you via phone or email, virtually 24/7. You made this a very pleasant experience for us. We look forward to our next business adventure with you.

Thank you!

Community Pharmacy - San Gabriel Valley

Ray & Reiko Ogawa, Community Pharmacy - San Gabriel Valley

Hello Tom,

Thank you so much for helping Ray and I in finding a buyer for the pharmacy. Yes, we are finally retired and are enjoying every minute of it. Thanks to you.
We have been very blessed in meeting you. Lots of luck in your future and happiness.

Community Pharmacy - Riverside County

Osama Bishay, Community Pharmacy - Riverside

I never thought I would deal with such an efficient broker like you.
you are the best. Thanks a million

Venice Restaurant

Debbie & Larry Parker, Venice Restaurant

Dear Mina, Debbie and I enjoyed working with you and would always want you to be our broker for any and all businesses we want to buy or sell. You took us and all the different potential buyers step by step and patiently guided us through the process. You made the whole transaction easy. Thank you and hope we do business again soon.

Beverly Hills Store

Joon Paik, Beverly Hills Store

I had a great satisfaction in purchasing the business thru you and you provided all the necessary services and information that was required in a professional manner. If I have to purchase or sell a business in the future, I will definitely consider Mina Singson as my broker.

Coldstone Creamery

Wesley Kim, Coldstone Creamery

Creme de la Crepe

Bruno Baio, Creme de la Crepe

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