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November 14, 2012 by Dan Munter

New BizEx Business For Sale: Binding textile and trim manufacturer

Dan Munter just launched a new listing:

Binding textile and trim manufacturer Asking: $895,000 * Gross: $1,492,975 * Net: $327,479

Los Angeles based apparel manufacturer has served the garment industry for over 56 years. The company specializes in the niche of creating trim, binding textiles, and bias tapes .

Approximately 65% of there business is focused on the bathing suit market. It is vital to have exact measurements when constructing a bathing suit. Having a local manufacturer in the heart of the Los Angeles garment district is a big advantage over competition from countries like China.

This a premier supplier to the diverse textile market place. They have over 300 clients and are the preferred supplier of quality products and services to small and large manufacturers.

After 34 years as the Owner, he has decided to sell the company so that he can focus on helping his children.

More information about this business and its growth potential are available to qualified, interested parties that have completed the NDA/ Confidentiality Agreement. This can be accomplished by registering as a buyer at and by contacting Dan Munter at 310-882-2200 ext. 121.

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