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Asking Price: $375,000
Gross Sales: $615,000
Net Earnings: $145,000

Non-emergency Medical Transportation in San Diego

San Diego, CA
Well Established and Branded NEMT in San Diego. Excellent Growth Opportunity This San Diego, CA non-emergency medical transportation provider has an excellent reputation, a loyal client base and operates in a high demand niche of the fast growing healthcare market. They offer affordable, high quality, clean and reliable transportation for a vast variety of medical and non-medical services. 
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Asking Price: $95,000
Gross Sales: Ask
Net Earnings: Ask

Community Pharmacy - Burbank/Glendale-LA County

Los Angeles, CA
Excellent opportunity to purchase a turnkey Community Pharmacy in the Glendale/ Burbank Area.  The pharmacy is located in a small Medical Building with an Urgent Care on the first-floor lobby. Licensed in October 2017, the pharmacy started filling Rx's in March 2018.  Weekly script count is small but growing.  Weekly deliveries range from 15 - 20 per week. Distributor - Mckesson Rx Software - Abacus Insurance - Mckesson Third Party Network
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Asking Price: $18,645
Gross Sales: $10,392
Net Earnings: $9,390

ATM Franchise, Bakersfield

Bakersfield, CA
5 ATM machine route in sunny Bakersfield. Franchisor is the largest corporate provider to hotels and hospitality in the US.Franchisor finds you your next location until you say stop and helps you find new locations for any sub-performing locations. Unlimited technical support. Approximately 3 hours per week to service the 5 ATM route including getting and sorting cash. ATMs provide around a 30% return on the cash inventory , beating the street and real estate by around 3-5x.
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Asking Price: $986,000
Gross Sales: $482,135
Net Earnings: $210,185

First Aid Supplies & Training - SFV

Excellent opportunity to acquire a workplace first aid delivery service providing first aid, safety and training solutions for Southern California. Their convenient FIRST AID RESTOCKING SERVICE reduces the risk of workplace injuries providing peace of mind for business owners and organizations who will always be ready for any emergency.
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Asking Price: $1,280,000
Gross Sales: $2,454,000
Net Earnings: $326,000

Specialized Apparel Manufacturer

Los Angeles, CA
The company has a very unique niche in the garment industry. This Los Angeles based company was established in 2000 during a time when a lot of local manufacturing started shifting their operations overseas. When these garments were shipped back to the US, the founder saw something he did not like. Many of these goods came back with imperfections. Realizing that it was not feasible to send them back for repair, the owner started this business to do the repairs in LA.  With such a large amou...
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Asking Price: $150,000
Gross Sales: $660,000
Net Earnings: $54,000

San Diego Healthcare Staffing

San Diego, CA
  My client is a leading provider of Nurse facility staffing to Hospitals, Clinics, Assisted Living, Re-Hab and Medical Offices and related industries with medical departments, behavioral care, and population health and wellness services in our County.. We are committed to improving patient care and staffing world-class experienced professionals from the private and military sector. As a recognized provider of a comprehensive suite of Nurses, we have been making a difference in the lives of...
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Asking Price: $89,999
Gross Sales: $118,008
Net Earnings: $78,542

High-End Rug Restoration, Cleaning, and Sales to the Affluent

Santa Monica, CA
Over the last 30 years, the owner has been cleaning, selling, and restoring high-end expensive rugs, generally valued between $2,000-$10,000. Most of his business is on the West Side, serving clients with a lot of disposable income. Typical clients include entertainment professionals, doctors, lawyers, and business professionals.
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Asking Price: $5,000,000
Gross Sales: $2,879,837
Net Earnings: $979,026

One Photo Is Worth A Thousand Words

Greater Irvine, CA
Fantastic opportunity to acquire the leader in its field of photography and cinematography. The company utilizes and keeps up to date on cutting edge technology.. Complete turnkey operation. This growing company has management in place. Originality, creativity and attention to even the smallest detail makes this award winning company stand out from the competition. Establihed, long-term partnerships with numerous venues and businesses in Southern California and worldwide.
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Asking Price: $3,500,000
Gross Sales: $3,796,000
Net Earnings: $835,000

Per Diem Healthcare Staffing

Southern California, CA
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Asking Price: $1,500,000
Gross Sales: $569,171
Net Earnings: $371,167

Pain Management & PT Practice/Aquatic Therapy

South Georgia, GA
Excellent opportunity to purchase a  Pain Management and PT Practice/Aquatic Therapy business operating in two separate locations. The Seller is interested to stay on board with a New Owner in transition and more. Profitable since inception in 2002, the business is up to date and compliant in terms of licenses and inspections. Owners are well known in research, publications and name recognition in the field.
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