Thinking About Selling Your Business? Get Prepared

On May 31, 2012, in Business Sales Process, Business Valuation, How to Sell, by Mina Singson

If you are thinking about selling your business, then preparation is the key to getting the best possible selling price at the best terms. How soon do I need to prepare to sell my business? Having a good exit strategy in your business plan is prudent. Successful businesses keep a current business plan on file [...]

Maximize the Business Valuation of Your Sporting Goods Store

If you are thinking about selling your business sometime in the next few years, it is time to start working on maximizing its value.  Maximizing your business value is directly associated with reducing the buyer’s perceived risks.  Buyers determine the value they are willing to pay for your business based on their perceived “Risk vs. [...]

How to Sell a Restaurant Fast

As with most businesses, price is a prime factor in selling a restaurant fast. However, restaurants can sell for their asset value alone, such as furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) along with their permits and licenses.  Knowing how to value those assets is the key to selling a restaurant quickly. Price is not the only [...]

How to Sell a Business Fast

Price is not the only determining factor in procuring a quick sale.  You need to get into the “buyer mindset” and make sure a buyer sees the same value in your business as you do.  Here are some no nonsense universal step to getting your business sold fast: 1.       Price – Price – Price!!! Just [...]

Keys to Selling Your Business

Knowing what a business buyer wants is the key to selling your business and getting the best price for it.  In this market climate, most buyers are looking for two things, a cash flowing business and a deal.  Here are a few things that a business buyer is gong to want to know that will [...]

Selling a Small Business as a Short Sale

Drowning in business debt!?! Even when a company’s sales start increasing, debt can eat away at the profits… More and more small business owners are finding that profits are going to servicing their debt and keeping their business operational.  In such cases, an option is to sell the business through a short sale.  Especially if [...]

How to Value a Restaurant or Bar that is not Showing Profit

How much money is a restaurant worth? Does it have any value if the restaurant is not turning a profit or barely breaking even? Restaurants, coffee shops or bars are valuable even if they are not showing a profit. These kinds of businesses are valued through the replacement value technique which assumes a buyer pays [...]

How to Sell a Restaurant in 90 Days

How to Sell a Restaurant in 90 Days A True Story   Restaurants are not necessarily an easy sell.  However, if they are priced at their proper value and positioned to sell in the right forums, they can be sold in a timely manner to the satisfaction of both the buyer and seller. Preparing the [...]

Selling a business in the media, entertainment, creative, film and TV industries? 10 Things to Consider

On September 6, 2011, in Business Sales Process, Business Valuation, Entertainment, How to Sell, News, by Stuart Gross

Are you the owner of a small or medium-size business in the creative of media industry who dreams of “getting out” and retiring, writing a memoir, or simply getting away from it all? Thinking about selling your business? In today’s economic climate, selling your media or creative business can be a complicated and daunting experience. [...]