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April 19, 2012 by Dan Munter

New BizEx Business For Sale: Garment Manufacturer/Investment Opportunity

Dan Munter just launched a new listing:

Garment Manufacturer/Investment Opportunity Asking: $5,000,000 * Gross: $0 * Net: $0

This Los Angeles manufacturer company is a pioneer in sublimation printing & design, and is a leading manufacturer of Knit and Woven garments specializing in printed fabric. They have an excellent reputation in the apparel industry and are best known for 4 color printing, Sublimation printing and Garment Manufacturing which differentiates them from their competitors. The company is profitable and has great potential for growth. To best take advantage of their growth opportunities, the company has purchased equipment for more than $2 million including a large format 10 station fully automated silk screen machine which was just bought in the last year. This equipment will allow them to support their planned growth and increase their services which will allow them to continue to grow as a fully vertical integrated company.

This company is on fast track of growth. Already for the first 3 months of 2012, they have revenues of $951,024. They believe they are on track to having revenues of $5 million in 2012. The challenge the company is having right now is securing the funds needed to continue their expansion. Ideally, they would love to find an investor to invest $2 million for a 25% equity in the company. They strongly believe that this cash infusion will allow them to grow into a $30 million company. They are also open to selling the entire company for $5 million.

More information about this business and its growth potential are available to qualified, interested parties that have completed the NDA/ Confidentiality Agreement. This can be accomplished by registering as a buyer at and by contacting Dan Munter at 310-882-2200 ext. 121.

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