About Us

A Consultative Approach to Business Brokering / M&A Advisory

BizEx is a Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions firm targeting businesses in the $1mm to $30mm+ range. They operate in a fragmented, emerging market with many small players such as Real Estate Agents and Business Brokers on the main street level to larger players such as M&A firms and Investment Bankers dealing with large corporate transactions. This underserved transactional environment continues to evolve particularly in the medium to small business segment.

BizEx Story

The founder, Michael S. Davidson, comes from a hi-tech consultative sales environment. He first started working for a franchise business brokerage in 2001. It was a culture shock. They operated under a very different process and set of values, the technology infrastructure was almost non-existent, broker training was poor and inconsistent, and service was simply transactional in nature. Michael founded BizEx in 2005 based on his firm belief that sales, merger and acquisition services for medium and small sized business requires and deserves a consultative and sophisticated approach by highly trained and experienced advisors.

Consultative Approach

Transactions for medium and small businesses are more than just a financial investment; they are a life changing event for both the Buyer and the Seller. The BizEx consultative approach focuses on understanding our clients’ objectives and presenting a strategy and solutions. This involves a full analysis of the company’s business position in their respective market place prior to presenting the business for sale. Matching the right buyer with the right business is how we define success.

Business Expertise

BizEx stands for Business Expertise. BizEx Brokers provide business, transactional and industry expertise within the context of our integrity based value system, advising clients on a broad range of topics related to the sale or purchase of a business. The firm has a network of specialists including transaction attorneys, accountants, lenders, and other resources which are available to the principals as they progress through the business sales process.

Industry Specialization

BizEx hand picks its brokers with operational business experience in a wide variety of industries and provides them with a structured support and methodology for business sales transactions. Each member of the team specializaes in specific market niches, focusing their marketing and positioning efforts on their industry specialization in order to provide the highest level of service. Many of the firm’s brokers are the “go to” person in their industry.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The company has developed cutting edge web-based CRM/ERP technology to improve the overall efficiency of the firm and provide a marketing machine for selling businesses. Having a centralized buyer database allows them to more efficiently manage the buyer process, increasing buyer activity and improving the likelihood that they will have a qualified buyer available for businesses listed for sale. Process automation makes the transaction process simpler and more consistent, freeing up their brokers’ time to work more intimately with their principals.

Whether you are buying or selling a business, BizEx provides the strategy and solutions you need.

About BizEx