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May 31, 2011 by Arthur Kessler

Arthur B. Kessler just launched a new listing:

Create A New Revenue Center Asking: $75,000 * Gross: $0 * Net: $0

Medical Diagnostics partnership opportunity. If marketing is your forte this is an opportunity to enter this lucrative field. Operations partner has 19 years experience as a medical office administrator and has put together a fully licensed facility utilizing technicians and their equipment thereby dramatically reducing capital equipment requirements that most diagnostic centers require. It often takes years to get the required government licenses and more than a million dollars for equipment. For only $75,000 you can partner, utilize your marketing skills and grow this business and develop a major revenue center for yourself. Aggressively market to doctors and other health care providers and nursing homes and own the benefits of this low cost, high profit business.

Interested parties please register at and contact Arthur Kessler 310 882-2200 x 126 or Mina Singson 310 882-2200 x125

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