Arthur B. Kessler

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I have been helping people buy and sell businesses for more than 40 years. As a business broker in California I have worked with large and small busiesses and very varied buyers and sellers. Originally from New York city i was an accounting major in college. I have a law degree from New York University School of Law and practiced law in Manhattan for more than 12 years. It is both exciting and pleasurable to be in a business where I learn something every day. I fully understand my role in assisting my clients in an honorable and professional manner.

I specialize in food distribution businesses and recently listed two such entities and have a number of substantial buyers seeking a food distribution business.

Much of my listings are auto related. Car washes, gas stations, detailing and auto repair businesses are all among my present or former listings. I like cars.Wrecking yards are an interesting and often lucrative business and over the years I have sold a number of them. I refuse to call them "junkyards" because in our vehicle heavy Southern CA economy many wrecking yards are lucrative, cash oriented businesses that are basically recession proof. 

Mail and Business Centers are another area that I have been very involved with, representing buyers and sellers of independent and franchise centers.

I believe I was the first business broker in CA to sell a medical marijuana dispensary and have continued to represent clients in this lucrative and sometimes confusing field. I believe I am a qualified cannabis and marijuana business broker who has owned a dispensary and cultivations.

My legal background has assisted me in working with attorneys representing clients and with immigration attorneys helping clients gain visas to theUunited States.

Among the many diverse businesses I have represented are manufacturing facilities, hair salons, restaurants, delicatessens, food markets, food importers, smoke shops, print brokers, printers, yogurt shops and many more.

I understand my resposibilities as an agent for the clients i represent. I try to help them achieve their goals and assist them in making decisions that dramatically affect their lives.


Broker Information

Arthur B. Kessler
Business Broker / M&A Advisor
100 Wilshire Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Office: (310) 882-2200 ext 126
Direct: (310) 650-7900
Lic#: 01227004