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Asking Price: Ask
Gross Sales: $2,743,423
Cash Flow: $210,000

eCommerce Fitness monthly subscription service

Los Angeles, CA

A 6 year old branded eCommerce company offering a functional fitness subscription box service to over 7,000 customers.  The contents of the monthly box are fitness apparel items, fitness supplements and small workout equipment.  They procure these items from various manufacturers, box them up and ship to their customers.  The business offers consumers a convenient and fun way to discover new products and brands that complement and elevate their functional fitness lifestyle.  ...

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Asking Price: $349,000
Gross Sales: $1,200,000
Cash Flow: $170,000

eCommerce Importer, Distributor of Machines, Tools

Southern CA, CA

  Well established Importer and Distributor of high-quality Branded metal cutting machinery, industrial equipment, and replacement parts.

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Asking Price: $1,395,000
Gross Sales: $3,147,517
Cash Flow: $363,455

eCommerce & Retail Auto Parts (wheels/tires/more)

Los Angeles, CA

A Direct to Consumer (DTC) Automotive Luxury eCommerce Retailer. Very well branded and in business since 2013. They provide consumers with multiple brand choices for wheels, tires, and other interior and exterior components.The market niche the company occupies is best described as Aftermarket Automotive Parts (with a distinct focus on aftermarket wheels, tires, and accessories). The company also operates a storefront with a service station embedded for installations.

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