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So you want to know what your business is worth?
The answer might not be as simple as you think.

Quick Valuation Process

The business valuation methodology often used by other business brokers

  • Recast financials to get EBITDA or Discretionary Earnings (DE)
  • Look up Multiple of Earnings (MoE) in reference book
  • Value = MoE x EBITDA

Shortcomings of the Quick Valuation Process

  • Historical numbers might not be a good indicator of future performance.
  • The subject business might be larger or smaller than the typical size used by the MoE
  • It does not take into consideration specific qualities of the subject business.


The Value Equation


V = B/R = (1/R) x EBITDA = MoE x EBITDA

If you can reduce the risk factors in your business, your value goes higher

Calculating Cash Flow

Historical cash flow is the best indicator of future success
There are multiple dimensions of risk that influence the valuation of a company

Components of Risk


Company Specific Elements

Final Analysis


Free Business Valuation Calculator

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