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Buying a Business?

Tired of making other people wealthy?

Do you have a deep burning desire to strike out on your own?

Have you finally chosen happiness instead of settling for safe?

Owning a business is one of the most challenging careers you can find, and one of the most rewarding...

Finding the right business for sale to buy is challenging and rewarding

Plan Ahead

  • One of the biggest challenges a buyer will face is the amount of time it takes to find the right business.
  • This process can easily take six to twelve months or longer.
  • If you’re unemployed this can significantly cut into your seed capital.
  • If you don’t plan, you might not make it.

Set Target Goals

Why do you want to own a business and what kind of business do you want to buy?
To get an SBA business acquisition loan you need excellent credit, strong business financials and adequate collateral

Get Pre-Approved for an SBA Loan

Take a Personal Inventory of
Your Ownership Skillsets

When an SBA lender considers funding a business loan to a buyer, they look at the following skill sets and experience:

Evaluate your skillsets and experience to see if it fits the business you're buying
Determine if you can succesfully operate the business you're buying before making a purchase

Be Realistic


Be Strategic

Identify risk factors and value drivers of the business you're buying to determine if you can operate and grow the business sucessfully
Understand how to value a business and research the multiple of earnings

Understand Value


Search businesses for sale and connect with business brokers

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