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He who prepares, wins.

Successful exiting of your business requires strategy and preparation

What is an Exit Strategy?

  • A contingency to exit your business upon short notice or a pre-determined time/event.
  • This process can easily take six to twelve months or longer.

Why have an Exit Strategy?

  • For most owners, their business is their largest and least liquid asset.
  • Preparation can:
    • Increase the amount of money in your pocket at the close.
    • Decrease the amount of time it takes to sell.
    • Improve the chances it will sell at all.
  • An exit strategy is just good business practice.

What is the Best Exit Strategy?

There are different exit strategies for small to large business owners


  • Put a financial and estate plan in place.
  • Have your business valued and your business plan updated every year.
  • Understand intimately all of your company’s value drivers, risk factors, and potential synergies.
  • Keep driving value growth.
  • To be completely ready, you should put together a data room filled with all of the documentation required for due diligence.
Your transaction team includes business brokers, transaction attorneys, estate planners and accountants

Earmark your Transaction Team



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