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January 28, 2010 by Michael Davidson

Like most small business owners in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, we’ve heard about the benefits of hosting our own blog. After exploring this further, we found out about the time commitment and it made us cringe. Two or three blog posts a week? We don’t have time for that. We are so busy; we have a hard time getting out of the office most days!

So we delay and explore other ways to promote our business and wait for someone else to figure out the magic recipe on how to blog time and cost effectively.

Then one day the phone rings and I spend 30 to 45 minutes talking to another first time Buyer who is interested in buying a business. Most of which is spent going over some really basic things they need to know before moving forward. BizEx, our company who specializes in brokering the sale of small and medium sized businesses, gets calls like this almost every day. So I decided to condense these conversations into writing and posted “How to Buy a Business” on my website, and for Business Sellers, How to Sell a Business just to save myself from another daily 45 minute conversation.

Then it dawned on me that this is really what blogging should be about. We should blog to save us and our client’s time and money, by sharing the information they need to fulfill their part of the business sales process. Things that they really need to know and would derive significant benefit from. It’s all about efficiency.

BizEx’s core mission is the support of Entrepreneurialism, and we have a lot to give. We use a consultative approach which requires us to learn what is most critical about every business we represent from the owners who are experts at what they do. Our Brokers specialize in a variety of industries including Retail businesses, Restaurants, Manufacturing companies, Dry Cleaners, Service related businesses like Film and Entertainment companies, Internet ecommerce businesses, and a host of other businesses that would take too much space to list. We have a wealth of information we can share for the benefit of entrepreneurs that we take for granted: Information that would promote the sales cycle and reduce the risk and anxiety associated with the purchase of a business.

Are there SEO benefits we can derive from our blogging efforts? Sure. For Google, content is king. The better the quality of information we provide, the more Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing and other search engines are going to like us. This will equate to higher search engine rankings for our best work.

So now we’re bloggers. We plan on writing a lot more posts in the near future. We hope our fellow entrepreneurs will find them interesting enough to read and comment on.

Welcome to the Biz Blog!

How to Buy, How to Sell

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