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January 27, 2012 by Dan Munter

New BizEx Business For Sale: Wholesale Distributor-Swarovski crystal beads

Dan Munter just launched a new listing: https://www.bizex.net/listing/456

Wholesale Distributor-Swarovski crystal beads Asking: $3,900,000 * Gross: $1,005,000 * Net: $93,000

This business for sale is a Los Angeles based Wholesale Distributor of Swarovski crystal beads with domestic and international distribution. This is a very unique opportunity to buy into an industry with a very high barrier of entry.

This 12 year business has a relationship with Swarovski which allows them to buy crystals for prices cheaper than their competition. The company has been able to pass that savings on to their clients which has resulted in a sterling reputation with very loyal customers.

The company currently has inventory worth approximately $3.2 million based on their cost. About 1/3 of the inventory is considered vintage crystals because Swarovski no longer manufactures them. These vintage crystals sell at a much higher profit margin. Also, every year Swarovski raises their prices by approximately 3%. This also makes the inventory become more valuable over time.

The Owner believes that the future of his business is to convert his revenues to the online market. The Owner does not have the expertise to do this.An ideal buyer will be somebody who can make this conversion. This will result in much higher profit margins since right now almost all of his business is done on a wholesale level. Retail mark-ups are approximately 3x higher than wholesale mark-ups.

This business can be easily relocated.

More information about this business and its growth potential are available to qualified, interested parties that have completed the NDA/ Confidentiality Agreement. This can be accomplished by registering as a buyer at www.bizex.net, and by contacting Dan Munter at 310-882-2200 ext.121.

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