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As a serial entrepreneur Cody has overseen all aspects of running a successful small business, as well as acquiring extensive experience in the large cap corporate environment. His first business venture was at age 12; his second at age 15.

Cody has worked in corporate communications in Japan with clients such as Toyota, Amada, and Ito-chu, as well as developing communications curricula for Yaesu district clients, the Wall Street of Tokyo. He formed and served as Executive Director of a statewide renewable energy advocacy and policy group, which resulted in substantial policy changes and technical innovations in renewable energy applications, including a first ever Hydrogen Futures conference which created the report used by the state to a sustainable energy future using hydrogen as energy "currency," beginning with the hydrogenation of heavy oils and bitumens and continuing to neat production of hydrogen from renewable sources.

Later, Cody formed a successful custom home building company, ran a successful flight school as an FAA flight instructor, and later ventured into cyberspace with an online financial services company specializing in demand side money management with a proprietary money mangement tool. He holds bachelors degrees in both the sciences and the arts, and is a published author by the highly respected imprint North Atlantic Books

Mr. King approaches business sales, mergers, and acquisitions as an investor, representing companies with high intrinsic value and good fundamentals, whose owners are realistic on market value and who recognize a business as a vehicle for producing income rather than as a speculative enterprise with poor value fundamentals hoping for an inexperienced buyer. Consequently, he purposely holds a low inventory with several key off-market business opportunities to ensure high conversion rates and high client engagement.

Companies with logical business models, good to moderate growth potential, clear value propositions, and experienced sales and management staff priced at market value are the best candidates for conversion in the business sales and acquisitions marketplace.

Specializing in manufacturing, technology, telecom, and energy businesses, Cody also carries typical Main Street small business opportunities in his inventory.

Small businesses will benefit from Mr. King's transaction experience in guiding them through the complexities involved in valuation and marketing, as well as avoiding potential legal pitfalls surrounding business sales. 

Lower middle market businesses earning $10-30M+ in gross revenues with $2-7M+ EBIDTA require a business advisor knowledgeable in their vertical with a sizable inventory of buyers, including an understanding of both private equity and strategic buying profiles, their investment goals, and how these different buyers expectations will affect the terms and deal structure of the acquisition.

Business owners looking for professional business representation are encouraged to contact Mr. King at 310-882-2200 x 134 or for immediate assistance at 805-616-9488, or at







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Cody King
M&A Advisor
100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Office: (310) 882-2200 ext 134
Direct: (805) 616-9488
Lic#: 01942507