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January 24, 2012 by Kendric Foultz

Knowing what a business buyer wants is the key to selling your business and getting the best price for it.  In this market climate, most buyers are looking for two things, a cash flowing business and a deal.  Here are a few things that a business buyer is gong to want to know that will allow the buyer to asses the situation and determine if yours is the right business for them.

• Is the business currently producing an income for the owner?
• Is the business seller retiring and fully funded his or her retirement plans?          • Does the sale of the business only represent a small part of the retirement portfolio?
• Is the business debt free?
• Do the financials show that the depreciation schedules are completely exhausted?

Affirmative answers to these questions tell the business buyer that the business is making enough money for their needs and you are indeed in a financial position to sell your business and sell it within the constraints of the marketplace.

Another thing that a buyer is going to want to know about is your plan for the future.  Nobody wants to get to the closing table only to have the owner decide that he or she wants to keep the business.  Equally, nobody wants to buy a business only to find out that you’re going to open a competing business.  This is why buyers like sellers that are clearly of retirement age and means.  If your business is complex or highly personal in nature, a buyer may require that you stay involved in the business for a period of time to provide a seamless transition.  If you have dreams of selling your business and moving to the Caribbean, this might be achievable. You may only have to adjust your time line a bit.

Now that you know some of the keys to attracting a buyer for your business, the next step is to find the right buyer for your business.  To do that you’re going to want someone to help you who understands business buyers.

Kendric Foultz is a certified business broker with decades of experience in deal making and working with business buyers and sellers.  Feel free to give him a call regarding your business related issues at 310-968-2369.

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