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September 30, 2018 by Cody King

Cody King just launched a new listing: ATM Franchise, Bakersfield

ATM Franchise, Bakersfield
Asking: $18,645 • Gross: $10,392 • Net: $9,390

5 ATM machine route in sunny Bakersfield. Franchisor is the largest corporate provider to hotels and hospitality in the US.

Franchisor finds you your next location until you say stop and helps you find new locations for any sub-performing locations. Unlimited technical support.

Approximately 3 hours per week to service the 5 ATM route including getting and sorting cash.

ATMs provide around a 30% return on the cash inventory, beating the street and real estate by around 3-5x.

Each machine normally takes from 5-10 minutes to actually service. 3 of the 5 machines are adjacent hotels, a third hotel is 3/4 mile away, and last location is 3 miles from adjacent hotels.

Work load easily permits absentee ownership plus a regular job. You can get cash at lunch and service all your machines in about an hour after work during the week or an hour on a weekend.

Best reason to work in the ATM industry: Bank deposits earn you 1-2% interest. ATMs return around 30% interest. Banks are also the only entity who can loan at usury rates, except ATM owners whose return on cash inventory is 30% average APR.

Second best reason to work in the ATM industry: The $ return on hours spent is huge. It's almost an comically easy way to make extra cash.

Saved money from your job comes out of the big bank paying 1-2%, put into several little banks you own, and people pay you a charge equal to a 30% return on the money they withdraw, not including depreciation and other business related tax write downs while you're at work or sleeping.

If you know how money works you understand what the revenues plus tax writes down mean for total ROI. Banks do!

5 machines is a very affordable entry point. Franchisee can expand throughout Central California as much as the new owner wants to take on new work. A good rule of thumb is around 20 machines before it starts becoming work. Inventory is money. It never goes bad.

Franchise fee can be expensed as amortization over 10 year franchise period. More machines mean less amortization per machine. Build your route. Make more money per machine just in shared amortization expenses.

ATM's are a proven way to make very high ROI with virtually zero risk. Cash is king and always will be.

The Franchisor support really makes this viable for someone ignorant of the ATM industry with great training and virtually limitless marketing and technical support during the entire 10 years.

For more information please contact Cody King at 805.616.9488 or



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