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May 21, 2012 by Arthur Kessler

New BizEx Business For Sale: Unique Smoke Shop

Arthur B. Kessler just launched a new listing: https://www.bizex.net/listing/516

Unique Smoke Shop Asking: $39,000 * Gross: $53,061 * Net: $25,251

Unique Smoke Shop for sale. This business features a an intriguing roll your own machine.

In addition to offering customers name brand cigarettes you can offer a roll your own option that costs substantially less but has a high profit margin.

Roll your own tobaccos have none of the chemical additives that name brands contain so customers get a healthier smoke as well as the cost savings.

Regular, light, menthol and organic tobacco are available .

The Owner has set up this unique business in a small shop on a major Los Angeles street. Unfortunately for him a family situation requires his leaving the United States and he must sell this new and promising business.

Customers will enjoy the fun of rolling their own smokes at $2.59 a pack or they may purchase packs or cartons rolled by the Owner.

If you plan to open a smoke shop this is an opportunity from Pax 2 vaporizer that should be seized.

Interested parties please register as a Buyer at www.bizex.net then call Arthur Kessler at 310 882-2200 x126 or 310 650-7900 cell

Arthur B. Kessler Email: akessler@bizex.net Office: (310) 882-2200 ext 126 Blog: https://www.bizex.net/blog Web: https://www.bizex.net/business-broker/arthur-b-kessler

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