Joshua Call

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Joshua is a Business Broker and Merger & Acquisition Advisor. An accomplished and seasoned business executive, he possesses a unique blend of qualities that set him apart in the industry. With almost two decades of professional business industry experience, he has developed expertise in guiding clients through intricate business transactions. He epitomizes the top qualities necessary for a thriving business broker, including a deep understanding of the current market, sharp negotiation skills, an unwavering work ethic, outstanding communication abilities, and an innate emotional intelligence skillset.

One of Joshua’s standout qualities is his profound understanding of the market. He has an inherent ability to spot opportunities and predict market trends, ensuring that his clients make informed decisions that align with their financial objectives. His extraordinary emotional intelligence skillset allows him to build strong relationships with both sellers and buyers, understanding their unique needs and aspirations, which is instrumental in creating successful business matches.

In addition to his business market acumen, Joshua is known for his impeccable negotiation skills. He strives to create fair and lucrative deals for his clients, demonstrating dedication and commitment to achieving exceptional outcomes. His emotional intelligence skillset, combined with his negotiation prowess, allows him to navigate complex negotiations with finesse, creating win-win outcomes for all parties involved. As a business broker, Joshua embodies the essential traits for success, delivering expertise, market insight, emotional intelligence, and an effective work ethic to ensure the prosperity of his clients.

Joshua R. Call, Business Broker / M&A Advisor

DRE License # 01772517

Cell Phone: (714) 872-0283

Business Phone: (310) 882-2200 ext. 169 



Broker Information

Joshua Call
Business Broker / M&A Advisor
100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 700
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Office: (310) 882-2200 ext 169
Direct: 310-882-2200 x169
Lic#: 01772517